Throwing a Baby Shower on a Budget

Throwing a Baby Shower on a Budget

So, you and your partner are expecting a little one and want to host a celebration with your friends and family. However, with all the expenses that come with a newborn, mom’s belly isn’t the only thing that’s stretching. No need to worry. We’ve searched Etsy and Pinterest and every site in between to bring you budget friendly ideas for all aspects of your sure-to-be-epic baby shower.

The Invites

Bows or bowties? Wheels or heels? Cupcake or stud muffin? There are countless adorable sayings to include on your invites, so choose one that fits your unique style. Etsy is a great source to find all kinds of affordable party invites. Cut costs by purchasing an instant download, usually ranging from $10 to $20, and send as an e-vite. Some of our favorites include these and these.

The Decor

Make the party truly festive with lively décor around your home. DIY décor ideas include ribbons wrapped around dollar store candles or making a homemade version of this gender reveal banner using cardstock and ribbon. String pink or blue streamers around your home for a colorful touch.

The Games

A baby shower isn't complete without games and luckily for those of you on a budget, these can easily be low cost. Have guests play baby-themed game of telephone or charades.

"Forbidden Baby" is a particularly fun game. As the guests arrive, give each one a diaper pin and let them kmow the word "baby" is off-limits. If someone catches you saying "baby" they take your pin. Whoever has the most pins wins.

We also like "Guess the Baby." Have each guest bring a baby pictures of themselves and put them up on the wall. Have everyone guess who is who. You'll be surprised at how entertaining this game can become.

The Sips and Bites

We’ve found recipes that are easy on your wallet and delicious. If you don’t’ feel like having a baker make a grand cake, check out this Cake Pop Tutorial, featuring pops that are easy to make using food coloring, candy melts, and ribbon. Our mouths are also watering for these Pink and Blue Muddy Buddies that can be made with ingredients you already have around the house.

Don’t forget the libations! Set out a punch bowl with Sprite mixed with rainbow sherbet or blue and pink lemonade in drink dispensers or pitchers. If your guests are looking for something boozy, try a sangria or rum punch to liven up the mood.

Remember, planning the perfect party doesn’t mean you have to spend outside your means. Get crafty and have fun with it because celebrating new life coming into the world is the best party you’ll ever host!